Quality clothes show class and make you look and feel good. They last longer and they are also more comfortable.
The difference is in the details and we make (or source) all our clothes to the highest standards.

Natural Fibers

Synthetic fabrics are notorious for piling, and often require special care. Natural fibers are more durable and naturally recycleable.
That is why we only offer (heavy quality) natural fibers like cotton, wool and linen.

Metal Zippers 

Plastic zippers break easily are harder to zip (and keep zipped), go off track more often, and wear out quickly.
We make sure all our zips are metal, so you'll avoid all of these headaches, plus many more.

Strong Stitches 

We inspect the thickness and stitching of any garment for signs of unraveling, missed stitches, loose stitches, snags, crooked lines and other imperfections.
We make sure the stiches are reinforced where they should be.


Cheaper brands try to save money by using as little fabric as possible to produce a garment.
That often translates into too-short shirt sleeves and pant legs, less room through the shoulders of a garment, uncomfortably short inseams and clothes that just don't drape and fit like they should.
Our 100% cotton shirts are alweays at least 200 gr/m2.

Quality Buttons and Button Holes

We only use metal buttons and examine all of the button holes for loose threads, sloppy stitching and other defects.

Attention to detail

Patterns that match up, finished seams etc...

Quality shows and says something about the wearer!